The ‘Sweet Mother Of’ Manifesto

Before I wrote the first lesson of The Health & Fitness Course For Moms, I thought a lot about what I wanted to accomplish.

I don’t want to be a guru and I don’t see myself like that, I am just a mom, like you.

So I wrote this manifesto, and it has been the guiding light for everything I do.

I part of a new generation of moms who put the health, happiness, and the strength of their families first.

We don’t follow the traditional advice that has led to overweight & unhealthy families, stressed relationships, and entitled children.

We believe that a life is most fulfilling when you wake each day with motivation, energy, and passion.

By living with a strong work ethic, respect for others, and self-dignity we instill these values in our children.

We reject the notion that our society is deteriorating due to technology or media.

Instead we harness these tools and use them to empower our movement & raise awareness of what motherhood can mean.

If you ask the mainstream, they’ll say the modern family is doomed. Yet we’re shaping the lives of our families for the better every day.

We accomplish difficult things when others quit.

We use failure as inspiration to try again with a different approach.

We are nurturing, we are strong, we are sexy.

We are Sweet Mothers Of…