Hi, I'm Amy Avery

Mother of three, certified group fitness instructor, and founder of Sweet Mother Of.

I teach moms to how to think differently about health and fitness, so they get lasting results.

I can help you lose weight fast, build a toned body, and restore the energy you had when you were younger. 

If you’ve tried to lose weight and failed, it’s not your fault.

As a mom, I understand the struggles of keeping your family healthy & happy. Feeding your family in a way that keeps them healthy for the long term takes effort. I point of this site is to show you the systems I use to keep my family of 6 going strong and healthy. 

I don’t believe in counting calories or arbitrarily restricting portion size. Instead I’ll show you why “move more, eat less” approaches are bad advice, and how balancing your hormone levels is the key to long lasting weight loss.

I also don’t believe in insane workouts. Getting a beach body doesn’t mean doing burpees until you puke. As moms, we want to be lean, healthy, and toned but we don’t have time to spend an eternity in the gym. I get better results in a 20 minute workout than most people do in an hour, and I can show you why it works.

I know you have a lot of choices when it comes to learning about health & fitness, so I want to earn your trust with everything that I post.

If you're curious, here's more about my background.

From "Cheeseburger Girl" To Health & Fitness Expert

I grew up in a middle-class midwestern family where french fries were thought of as vegetables. The only reason we drank water was because mom forgot to buy a case of soda on her way home from work. 

I was known as the “cheeseburger girl” in my favorite restaurant. 

Junk food was tied to my identity. 

Everything changed in 2016, when my husband was rushed into an ambulance with chest pains & a few months later my doctor told me I was at high risk for gestational diabetes. 

That year, nearly everyone in my immediate family was suffering from weight induced health problems and I realized that we needed to fix our health situation. 

The thought of losing someone in my family because of something that was 100% preventable was too much to bare. 

Three Kids In Less Than Five Years

After serious health scares in my family, I started to get disciplined about health and fitness. I read books by the experts and met with as many trainers as our pocketbook could handle. 

I kept seeing all of the same advice like “track your steps” and “count your calories” — everyone said the same thing, I’d literally never met anyone who’d got lasting results. 

I realized that most of the health & fitness information out there made no sense and didn’t work… but nobody was questioning it. We all kept getting fatter and fatter.

amy pregnant

Let’s get real: 

  • Everyone has tried to cut calories to lose weight and it never works. Not even for Oprah.
  • We've all spent too much time on the elliptical without the results to show for it. Cardio doesn't help you lose weight in the long run.

  • No one wants to be an "annoying" healthy person... i.e. the type of person who turns 
 away cake at a birthday party because it's unhealthy.

Instead of bouncing from trendy diet to trendy diet (as my weight yo-yoed) I wanted a system that I could rely on. 

I knew there was a better way to live a healthy life. After a lot of trial and error, I focused on what actually works, and trained myself to ignore the sales and marketing of the trillion dollar food industry.

Initially, I just wanted something that would work for weight loss — but I was able to apply the same principals that worked for weight-loss to all aspects of health:

  • Weight management
  • Building a toned body
  • Restoring energy levels
  • Finding clarity & peace in my mental health

After researching and testing relentlessly, I created a complete health & fitness system designed for moms called “The Health & Fitness Course For Moms.”

The 8-week course is currently completing its beta run, and the results of my students have been nothing short of shocking.

“I hit my goal weight after 7 weeks on Amy’s program!”

Leslie M. Mother/SMO Student

Why My System Works

The point of this website and my premium training programs is to show you the eaxct systems you can use to help you and your family stay fit and healthy. 

Warning: My methods will challenge how you think about health & fitness. It’s NOT a rehash of everything you’ve already heard before (and doesn’t really work). 

Most systems also bombard you with ridiculously intense workouts and massive caloric restriction, to try to get you quick wins… but those workout plans aren’t sustainable. People always burn out and the weight comes back… usually quickly. 

Here is the truth: traditional advice to lose weight and get toned simply doesn’t work.

It’s not a matter of willpower or discipline. The advice most people follow to lose weight fails, and that’s why 70% of Americans are overweight or obese.

But there ARE ways to be successful, approaches to fat loss you’ve probably never been told about.

We all think that to lose weight you have to eat less.

But did you know that hormones control hunger, fullness, and fat storage? Your body weight isn’t actually regulated by calories at all. It’s controlled by hormones, food just trigger the hormonal responses.

If you’re overweight, chances are your hormones are out of balance and that is what is preventing you from being successful.

I can show you how to regulate these out of balance hormones, so you can reach your goal weight. All without buying special shakes, wraps, or completely insane workouts. 

This is the type of information you can expect when you visit Sweet Mother Of. Easily to follow, step-by-step systems for moms that live busy lives.

I realize that most of us have tight budgets, but we still want to eat healthy and provide the best we can to ourselves and to our families.

For example, in my premium course “The Health & Fitness Course For Moms”,  I share the exact meals I feed my family of six, how I save hours during my workouts, and the mindset exercises I use to get past the voices my head (telling me to quit).

By following easy systems to manage weight, build muscle tone, and manage your mood, it’s possible to live the healthy life you and your family deserve.

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The food industry has chosen corporate greed over the health and wellness of their customers. My mission is to bring helpful strategies to families across the globe, so we can all live a healthy life with our loved ones.

-Amy Avery

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Some Of The Results My Students Have Gotten

student left

“I have lost 7 lbs so far and I’m on week 4. The weight loss has been slow but steady and something that surprised me is that my husband used to eat second and sometimes thirds, now it’s amazing to see him stop because he’s full! It’s a miracle! :)… of course he has lost 10 lbs!”

Juliana M.

student middle

“Officially down 8lbs after week 3, and having a lot more energy. We have been going to a lot of fairs/festivals in the past few weeks as a family, and it just gets easier and easier to turn down the unhealthy foods/treats that they have to offer! Have been focusing on eating something healthy before we go, which helps a ton. The course so far has been super helpful & gives me that extra encouragement to stay on track”

Britt J.

student right

“I have a ton of energy. I have not felt like this in years. We’ve been getting bad sleep cause, kids. And even so the changes made are having a huge impact on my energy level.” 

Sillys H.

Join the Sweet Mother movement today & begin to live a healthy and energized life.

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Toned Body

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Eat Healthier

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